About US

Welcome ALL, to St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, Blacon, Chester.
We are located at 128 Blacon Avenue, Blacon, Chester, CH1 5BU.

The Parish Priest for St. Theresa’s and St. Columba’s (Plas Newton) is Fr. Jonathan Brandon, resident in the Presbytery at St. Columba’s, tel 01244 400873.

The Parochial Administrator for St. Theresa’s is Fr. Isidore Madueke, resident in the Presbytery at St. Theresa’s,  tel 01244 371660.

Email st.theresas@btinternet.com

 Fr. Jonathan was appointed in February 2016 and given the responsibility for the parishes of St. Theresa and St. Columba, the two parishes to work together and eventually to merge.

Diocese of Shrewsbury Reg Charity No. 234025